Lame de terrasse Teck de birmanie 2 faces lisses, lame terrasse pas cher

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Simplified installation with tongue and groove system at the end of the blade for exceptionally easy installation.

  • Genuine Burmese Teak - Certified Controlled Origin
  • Variable lengths
  • Smooth sides, non-slip treated
  • KD = Kiln dry (kiln dried)
  • Screw installation on joists

259.00259.– / m²

CHF 23,929.01 volume discount 92.39 m²

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To embellish your terrace, the exotic wooden planks are sophisticated and mix perfectly with the environment. The exotic wood floor adds a value and makes your terrace a real living space, warm and comfortable.

In Ipe, Cumaru, Teak, Massaranduba ... these woods from the 4 corners of the world are chosen for their density and their longevity and resistance to external aggressions.

By its natural properties, exotic wood has a very low thermal conductivity and therefore keeps a temperature pleasant to the touch, even in direct sunlight.

All our plank deck undergoes a special anti-fungal treatment which makes them rot-proof and particularly weather-resistant.

Data sheet

Teck - fiche info
  • Packaging
  • Item unit
  • Type of parquet wood floor
  • Type  - Terrace Format
    Deck boards
  • Wood specie
  • Dimensions and sections
    Epaisseur. 19 - Largeur. 120 - Longueurs variables
  • Types of terrace
    exotic wood
  • Type of deck installation
    Blades. To be screwed on Joists. Interlocking Straight edges.
  • Deck surface appearance
    Smooth raw wood surface - Non-slip sanding
  • Surface finish
    Gross to process
  • Coating
  • Total width
    Width 12 cm
  • Total thickness
    19 mm
  • Total length
    Random lenghts
  • Lots meter
    Lot greater than 50 m²
  • Listed


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