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Responsible Approaches and Choices









DECOPLUS: Responsible Approaches and Choices

Ever keen to endorse a civically-responsible approach that respects the environment and quality of life, Decoplus has integrated rules of conduct into its methods by opting for:

  • Responsible forest management,
  • Optimised use of natural resources,
  • Controlled emissions, lowering them as much as possible,
  • Good working conditions for its suppliers, both in terms of the environment and health and safety.

Decoplus Parquets pays particular attention to the choice of its floors when selecting its products, favouring providers who obtain their raw materials from well-managed forests. This choice, as well as the optimisation of industrial processes, allows our suppliers to achieve excellent results, in particular regarding emissions, which are lowered to near-natural levels.

Sustainable management certification criteria impose a traceability requirement and rigorously careful monitoring of supplies at every stage of manufacture and sale. Our commitment to the environment and health and safety also guide our choices of varnish, adhesives and care products.

We pay particular attention so our products are free from volatile solvents and have lower dust emissions. We check and control the emission of formaldehydes, VOCs and other harmful substances.




 Decoplus Parquets partners with PEFC France, to encourage the forest sustainability.

By choosing a PEFC product, you choose to respect the forest. This label brings to your consumers the guarantee that the product that is made with wood is coming from responsible sources and that all our purchasing process respect the forest sustainability.

PEFC (The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) is the world's leading forest certification organization with more than 260 million hectares of certified forests.



Since 1 January 2012, and applying the provisions of the new French Grenelle I and II laws, all wall or floor construction or surfacing products, as well as paint and varnishes, must carry an obligatory label that indicates the level of volatile organic compounds that are emitted.

The aim of this measure is to inform and warn the consumer about the risks of toxicity from inhalation that are linked to volatile pollutants like formaldehyde, toluene or styrene, which can cause conditions like asthma, allergies and conjunctivitis.

Decoplus Parquets guarantees that its products receive an A+ rating.

For Decoplus Parquets, protecting the environment is much more than a priority. It is about protecting our planet, and so guaranteeing a better future for later generations.